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Project History
Vallone Project - Kitchen Remodel
This Washington Park bungalow, built in 1914, required a complete interior renovation. The kitchen was relocated, as was the master bedroom. The bathrooms were completely refitted as well.

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Stage One Stage One:

The kitchen was relocated and new cabinets were installed.

Stage Two Stage Two:

Arches and columns were built for a more vintage look.

Stage Three Stage Three:

A glass block window provides natural light above the sink while maintaining privacy.

Stage Four Stage Four:

Granite countertops and antique lighting round out the overall look, providing warmth and style elements appropriate for this home.

Vallone Project - Livingroom Remodel

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Stage One Stage One:

New drywall ceilings and an era window join with the garden room in the back to update this home while maintaining its historic charm.

Final Final One:

Providing comfortable natural lighting, period appropriate fixtures and accessories creates a warm, inviting living room and dining room.

Final Final Two:

New hardwood floors, paint and trim continue the warm precedent set in other remodeled areas.

Final Final Three:

This arch and columns are examples of Eagle Builders' special touch in providing the perfect architectural elements to augment any project.

Vallone Project - Bathroom Remodel

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Stage One Stage One:

A new tub, wall and floor tiles and new windows were installed to modernize this bathroom while maintaining the vintage feel.

Stage Two Stage Two:

Complete restoration of plastered over brick walls provides a consistent wall finish throughout the remodeled rooms.

Stage Three Stage Three:

Brick patterned tile was installed to maintain authenticity.

Final Final:

Old "look," new bathroom.


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