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Vellman Project - Southside Addition

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One Photo One:

Original Structure.

Two Photo Two:

Excavation begins.

Three Photo Three:

All second floor log siding was removed from the entire home in preparation for new stucco. Photo shows first phase of siding removal as well as the complete removal of original porch roof.

Four Photo Four:

Excavation continues through tough ground.

Five Photo Five:

With excavation complete, forms for the new footer are set and rebar is placed in preparation for concrete.

Six Photo Six:

New foundation walls are poured for the three car garage and new first and second floor additions.

Seven Photo Seven:

Concrete forms now off, the footprint for this new addition begins to take shape.

Eight Photo Eight:

All steel beams and posts are set as structure is now ready for construction of first floor kitchen and sunroom additions.

Nine Photo Nine:

Floor joists above three car garage just prior to being covered with subfloor.

Ten Photo Ten:

Construction of first floor walls begins as second floor joists are set into place.

Photo Eleven:

With nearly all the new walls up and standing, sheeting of exterior walls begins and setting the roof trusses is next on the list.

Photo Twelve:

Trusses arrive and are quickly set into place. The structure now has form and definition.

Photo Thirteen:

We are now ready to begin constructing the roof which covers the first floor additions as well as becoming the new porch roof.

Photo Fourteen:

Nailing down all roofing and sheeting is completed.

Photo Fifteen:

New first floor and porch roof are completed and additions are now dried in and ready for widows.

Photo Sixteen:

All the windows in the home were removed and new Pella windows were installed. Photo shows installation of new Pella windows.

Photo Seventeen:

The new south side addition is almost complete. Stucco and stone work have been completed and the roof is ready for tile.

Photo Eighteen:

New garage doors complete the south side addition.


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